Check Table & Index Space Usage

Posted: August 11, 2010 in SQL Server 2005

Use this script to check disk space used by tables and indexes:



   -- Declare variables
   DECLARE @lv_sql VARCHAR(100);

   -- Create temp table
   CREATE TABLE #Test (table_name       VARCHAR(50),
                       row_count        INT,
                       table_size       VARCHAR(50),
                       data_space_used  VARCHAR(50),
                       index_space_used VARCHAR(50),
                       unused_space     varchar(50));

   -- Build SQL string
   SELECT @lv_sql = 'sp_msforeachtable ''sp_spaceused "?"'''
   -- Populate temp table
   INSERT INTO #Test EXEC(@lv_sql);

   -- Select records
   SELECT * FROM #Test ORDER BY table_name;

   -- Drop temp table
   DROP TABLE #Test;


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