Problems Storing Unicode Characters With NVARCHAR

Posted: April 14, 2011 in SQL Server 2005

When trying to insert or update a SQL Server NVARCHAR column, you have to use the following syntax for unicode characters:

-- Create table variable
CREATE TABLE currency (id       INT IDENTITY (1,1),
                       country  NVARCHAR(100),
                       currency NVARCHAR(100),
                       code     NVARCHAR(100),
                       symbol   NVARCHAR(100));

INSERT INTO currency (country,currency,code,symbol) VALUES ('Azerbaijan','New Manats','AZN',N'ман');

Update Statement

UPDATE [dbo].[currency] SET symbol = N'ман' WHERE code = 'AZN';

The prefix N before the value is required to make sure the string is in Unicode format.


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